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Moon goddess oracle

Moon goddess oracle

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Fakta: Garaicoa Nicci

Förlag: Rockpool Publishing

Utgiven: 20240131

Sidantal: 112

Språk: Engelska

36 kort med vägledningshäfte

With a focus on the healing regenerative quality of the Moon, women are encouraged to connect to their strengths and feel the support of the sacred moon celebrations.

In this oracle, wisdom flows from the moon phases, the seasons, and the goddesses to inspire you and weave its magic through your life.

Each goddess has ancient wisdom and guidance to share with you, to support your journey through life with insights and love, helping you to know yourself in deeper ways.
The 36 cards also feature crystals, colors, mantras, favored moon cycles, and plant medicines so you can incorporate moon wisdom into your everyday life.

The moon affects you as she moves through her phases each moon cycle. As you learn to work with these cycles, blending them with the cycles of the seasons, and the power of the goddesses, you will transform your life into the life you desire.

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