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Galactic Guides Oracle

Galactic Guides Oracle

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Fakta: Maxwell Victoria

Mediatyp: Tarot/Orakel

Förlag: Rockpool Publishing

Utgiven: 20240201

Språk: Engelska

36 kort med vägledningshäfte

Allow the galactic guides to connect you with the divine energy of the galaxy.

Let the love, light and magic of the entire galaxy guide you with this modern, empowering guide to divination working with galactic energy. The planets, zodiac signs and star systems take physical form in this unique, fun and easy-to-understand 36-card deck that brings the celestial bodies down to earth. Whether you're an astrology lover or starseed or are just starting out on your journey through the cosmos, Galactic Guides Oracle will help you to shine as bright as the stars and fully step into your place and purpose in the universe.

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